Freddy Run 1

Freddy Run 1

Freddy Run 1 is a super fun spooky running game in which you need to help a boy named Freddy survive a terrifying nightmare. In his dream, Freddy is trapped inside a haunted castle and is constantly chased by an evil monster called the Soul Catcher. The action takes place inside a haunted castle, where deadly traps and dangerous monsters are trying to take you down, but be aware that inside each of the five levels, You will also have to face the evil Soul Catcher. Besides having to deal with the Soul Catcher, Freddy also needs to avoid all kinds of deadly traps and other villains trying to take him down. He will hunt you constantly, so be ready when he appears behind you and starts pulling out his sharp scythe so he's ready and hits the jump button to avoid being taken down. Don't forget to collect as many gold coins as possible because when you reach 100, you will be granted an extra life. Are you prepared for the upcoming scary adventure?

How To Play

  • Arrow keys to move and jump.
  • X - shoot.

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