Jump Ball Adventures

Jump Ball Adventures

If you want to find a game that can help you relax and entertain in your free time, Jump Ball Aventure is a great choice for you. A small ball gets lost in a mysterious and dangerous maze. There are yellow lights all around and traps in deep holes with sharp white teeth. Iron spikes are the top danger that shadow characters must overcome. Luckily, there are also precious stars in there. You just need to control the ball to collect enough stars, and not touch the trap, then you will win. This is the highest rating you are given at each level. On the playing screen there is a black and white checkered hole. That is the goal line, the ball can run there and you will pass the level to get to another level. If your character dies, don't worry you can always restart the level and try again. You have unlimited time to complete each level, giving you plenty of time to strategize. Furthermore, collecting stars is very useful for you because you can use them to change the new look of your ball. What are you waiting for? Try this interesting game right away?

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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