Little Runmo

Little Runmo

Little Runmo is a challenging adventure game that revolves around the “lives” of the character. Help Runmo discover the secrets deep beneath the surface!

Discover the Truth Deep Beneath the Surface!

At first, Little Runmo may seem like your usual platform game, but wait until you manage to reach the hidden world deep beneath the surface! Based on the animated short film of the same name, the game tells the story of Runmo, a green humanoid character with frog-like movement. The adventure begins with a sunny and bright world full of platforms, patrolling enemies, and a limited number of "lives,” not unlike the Mario games. However, as Runmo gets stuck in a section where the obstacle prevents him from progressing, a wooden board nearby that goes by the name Pikit says something interesting. He muses over how falling into bottomless pits isn’t a good idea at all and at which point in a pit a life is actually lost. That single line gives Runmo a crazy idea, leading him into a completely different world deep underground...

Little Runmo is a unique and challenging side-scrolling platform game with a captivating premise. Players take control of Runmo as he explores many different areas of this world, both above and beneath the surface. Be warned, though; it is no easy task to reach the end of each area, since the further you go, the more challenging the obstacles become. There are tons of things that can sap away Runmo’s life, such as spikes, enemies, traps, and so much more. At the end of the journey, what will be awaiting Runmo?


  • Little Runmo is based on both the animated short film of the same name and the Super Mario games, most notably Mario World, Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario 63.
  • The protagonist, Runmo, draws inspiration from the iconic character Mario.
  • The facial features of Meatball Man are loosely taken from Gordon Ramsay, a famous chef.
  • Dring King’s name is a pun on the word "drinking," since he is always sipping the life sludge.
  • The names of the characters are shown during the endgame credits for Little Runmo.

The Gameplay of Little Runmo

How to Progress in the Game

Runmo appears at the beginning of the game, and he tries to go forward. Players can control him with the WASD or arrow keys. Press the X key to make him jump, and the C key to make him leap forward after jumping. Soon, he will come across what seems to be an obstacle with no chance of passing through. Pikit, the wooden board, will be nearby, and Runmo can interact with him with the up arrow key or the W key. Pikit serves as both a checkpoint to save your progress and, sometimes, a guide. From this point, players can choose to either somehow get to the platform on the opposite side or slowly go down the pit, beginning the true adventure of the game.

Runmo loses his life every time he touches a dangerous object or enemy, and he will respawn at the nearest checkpoint. Most of the enemies in the game can be defeated by stomping on their heads. The game may be quite difficult, but fortunately, there are many additional lives and checkpoints around the world to be collected. In addition, there are seven elusive secret coins in each area for those who strive for 100% completion of the game.

All Areas in the Game

There are a total of eight areas in Little Runmo, which are based on the original animated short film. Below are the notable features of each area:

  • The World Above: If Runmo manages to reach the other side of the obstacle without going down the pit, he can continue forward until arriving at the end of the stage, ending the game.
  • The World Below: After falling into the pit, Runmo can continue the path to the left to reach this place. Continue the leftward path, and eventually he will reach the Storage.
  • Storage and the race against the Meatball Man: The Storage area is characterized by boxes and wooden crates. In this place, the most dangerous enemies are the Wreckingballs, which will descend from above and crush Runmo. Continue advancing to the end of the path, and Runmo will find the door to the Meatball Man. Just like in the short film, the Meatball Man will slowly creep in as Runmo dashes to reach the other side of the arena. The door at the finish line is connected to the Life Factory.
  • Life Factory: This area features industry-themed platforms, along with the giant machine that turns lives into sludge for the Dring King. The Morgue is at the end of this area.
  • Morgue: This area is filled with Glorgs and spinning sawblades, making it hard for Runmo to maneuver. Eventually, he will arrive at the coffin with the remains of Jumpmo. Bitting the latter’s head off will summon Grobletombus Marble Eyes, the god of the concert of life.
  • Space and the battle against the god of the concept of life: Grobletombus Marble Eyes is enraged that Runmo has committed a crime against the very essence of life. The chase between the two begins, ending with the god being defeated with an obvious spike trap. Due to his demise, the areas are merged together, and the game ends with Runmo dissipating into nothingness.
  • King’s Hall: After falling into the pit at the beginning of the game, Runmo can go to the right to arrive at this area. Go past the Dring King, and he will be able to enter the door to the Temp King. Runmo will then jump into the mouth of the king to go to the last area.
  • Inside the Temp King and Gastral Giveaway: This area features one of the most difficult obstacle placements, which is challenging to even veteran players. There is a special area called Gastral Giveaway, which features a lucky spinning wheel for prizes and dangers. Eventually, the spin will stop at a section that brings demise to the Temp King.

What Makes Little Runmo Worth Playing?

  • Challenging and gripping gameplay with tons of tight maneuvering to get past obstacles!
  • Nostalgic pixelated graphics!
  • Terrifying character design, such as the Meatball Man!
  • Tons of checkpoints and lives found in the areas, so you can have a better chance to complete the game!
  • Eight different areas to explore! Will you be able to arrive at the end of them all?
  • Collect the seven secret coins scattered around the world if you are confident in your skills!

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