Ninja Pumpkin

Ninja Pumpkin

Ninja Pumpkin is a fascinating experience with simple yet extremely interesting gameplay that will make you unable to take your eyes off this new game. You will play as Ninja Pumpkin and your mission is to collect coins and destroy enemies! There are 2 different types of enemies in this game. The red ones are the most common and you may have to start over when jumping on top or grabbing them. And the third enemy is the most difficult enemy. These black ones are invincible and cannot be killed and you just need to jump over them and avoid touching it. You have to complete each level in 30 seconds and the remaining seconds are considered your score. Additionally, you have 3 lives by default and you can earn more lives by collecting coins. For every 30 coins you will earn an extra life, which can be very useful in later levels! This game has a total of 10 levels and will become much more difficult as you progress. Quickly press the "PLAY" button to start conquering 30 levels of this exciting game!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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