Stick War: New Age

Stick War: New Age

Stick War: New Age is a side-scrolling stickman fighting and survival game based on real world and ragdoll mechanics. Are you ready to take your brave stickman through various obstacles so that he can find freedom. Obstacles in the game include steep hills, spikes falling from above, killer balls, and more. that your stickman will have to face. However, that is not all. While trying to dodge obstacles, keep an eye on your enemies. You will need to shoot them before they shoot you. Your guns will be upgraded as your stickman levels up. Take advantage of checkpoints. If you don't pass the level, you can start over from the checkpoint. The game has 40 levels where you will encounter new and increasingly difficult obstacles. You must master them all and successfully complete all 40 levels. Step by step towards victory. Now get ready with your stickman to start this exciting adventure.

How To Play

  • Move: "W,A,S,D"

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