Super Lule Adventure

Super Lule Adventure

Get ready for a classic Super Lule Adventure, where you will join the brave hero Super Lule on a mission to rescue the young Princess Lili who is trapped in a castle. You will join Super Lule through five worlds that you need to complete before reaching the Princess, however there will be many enemies as well as many obstacles in your way, so equip yourself with the Patience and courage to defeat all the villains and win. There are many types of enemies in the game, the most common being the evil mushrooms. You must destroy them as soon as you see them. To do this, you must jump on the enemy twice to stun and kill them. The remaining opponents are turtles and flowers. Don't forget to collect bonuses – they are in boxes with question marks in the air. Both bonuses and enemies can hide there. Be very careful! What are you waiting for? Quickly press the "PLAY" button to start this exciting game.

How To Play

Arrow keys to move, jump and duck

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