Bobb World

Bobb World

It's a pleasure to welcome you to Bobb World, in which you and Bobb travel across a vast planet and consume all the food in the universe. Your mission is to guide him through each level as he moves from planet to planet in search of food. While avoiding hazards and jumping on enemies to defeat them, collect all the food in every level. Show off your ability to jump, climb and overcome obstacles as you overcome the challenges . Control the character flexibly and consume all the fruit in each level. Once you've eaten all the fruit, go to the gate to get to the next level. There are three worlds in total, each with loads of levels for you to progress through, and you'll be constantly timed to get through them, so try to see how quickly you can complete each stage. . Don't get stuck and endanger yourself. It's an engaging and colorful journey, and the challenges are manageable, allowing players to relax and enjoy themselves. Not only can you relax while playing games, but you can also explore new worlds and interesting new dishes.

How To Play

  • Move by pressing the AD key or the left and right arrows.
  • Jump by pressing the w or up arrow key.

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