Mirror Wizard

Mirror Wizard

Enter the enchanting realm of Mirror Wizard, a captivating classic platforming puzzle game that puts a magical twist on your journey. In this game, players will control a witch who can teleport to his reflection! Thanks to this, he can quickly move to usually inaccessible places to collect blue orbs. As a titular wizard, you'll find yourself navigating through a strange world filled with challenges, where the key to success lies in your ability to expertly jump, avoid obstacles, and exploit Harness your magical powers to seamlessly flip faces. With 27 levels available, unleash your creativity and train your brain with this fun puzzle game! Mirror Wizard has nostalgic pixel graphics and simple gameplay, making it a great way to pass the time. And what makes Mirror Wizard different is the presence of a reflection that faithfully recreates your every position and movement, creating a dynamic and unique gameplay experience. Let's embark on this mystical adventure now!

How To Play

  • Move: A
  • Jump: W
  • Teleport: U

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