Heroball Run

Heroball Run

Heroball Run is an innovative and unique 3D platform game, and it also marks a new beginning in the world of red balls. In which your goal is to help the little ball overcome countless obstacles and challenges. The red ball is walking on a path protected by pine trees on the side of the road. On this beautiful and pine-lined road, there are hidden some potentially dangerous obstacles that you should avoid. The more obstacles you avoid as you progress, the more points you get, and you should also collect stars along the way because you can use them in the shop to buy new skins for your character . But if you collide with obstacles you will have to return to the starting line and the game will start over. Now let's see how far you can go on this journey and if you can beat your own high score!

How To Play

Use arrow keys to jump, slide and move left or right.

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