Metal Army War

Metal Army War

Enter the world of Metal Army War, an epic war story against insidious robots hidden deep in the jungle. The game revolves around the fight against the invading robot army. Your mission is to destroy traps, fight enemies and save hostages. You will enter a dangerous world full of traps, obstacles and countless enemies as you bravely shoot and muster the courage to overcome the dangerous path, while collecting magical healing potions that will Improve your health and life bar, and don't forget your ultimate goal which is to do your best to free your friends trapped in the metal cage from almost certain death. Collect metal materials from each level and use them to upgrade your weapons and strengthen your health. Destroy traps, take down enemies and rescue hostages. You can complete the mission successfully by destroying the BOSS that appears after a total of 15 levels of fighting. Get ready for an intense adventure that awaits you?

How To Play

  • W,A,S,D: move
  • C: hit
  • V: grenade
  • X: ammo reload
  • Q,E: switch weapon
  • Q+E: special attack

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