Mini Steps

Mini Steps

Mini Steps is a fun pixel platform game that combines classic style puzzle and strategy elements. The player's goal is to control the jumping blob and collect all available coins, a task that requires careful planning and precise execution. Each level in Mini Steps is a unique maze filled with obstacles, coin placements, and potential traps, giving players a new challenge at every turn. The careful balance between collecting coins and avoiding getting stuck pushes players to strategize their moves, making each jump a potentially game-changing decision. Mini Steps cleverly combines this nostalgic charm with the complexity of contemporary gameplay to create a unique and engaging adventure. With classic aesthetics and engaging gameplay, Mini Steps promises a journey that combines the simplicity of classic platformers with the strategic depth of puzzle solving.

How To Play

  • W key or up arrow = move up
  • A key or left arrow = move left
  • D key or right arrow = move right

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