Super Pony World

Super Pony World

Welcome to the magical world of Super Pony World, where adventure awaits you at every step! This colorful and challenging game is perfect for those who love exotic lands, animal heroes, and endless adventures. The rules of Super Pony World are very simple. Each level is a combination of jumping, running and avoiding obstacles, where synchronization and reflexes are the keys to success. Collect valuable coins and power-ups that will give your horse the upper hand. And especially you and your horse will have to face evil bosses that not only require skill but also wisdom and strategy to defeat. Those are the tasks you will have to do in this interesting game. Super Pony World is a game that combines elements of a classic platformer with innovative ideas, creating a unique game world. Explore a variety of levels, each offering its own challenges and obstacles. From mysterious forests, through crystal caves, to a cloudy kingdom - your pony will have to show agility and courage to achieve his goals.

How To Play

  • Use arrows or AD to move
  • Press spacebar to jump
  • Hold spacebar to glide (fly)

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