Zombie Catcher Online

Zombie Catcher Online

Immerse yourself in the thrilling adventure of Zombie Catcher Online, where a tiny alien is on an important mission. You will join the little alien in his quest to capture all the zombies. All the zombies have escaped from the lab and you are hired to capture all the zombies and put them back in the cage. You need to be quick or the zombies will run away and get out of your range. Don't forget to collect coins to upgrade your skills like speed, jet pack and weapon power to hunt special zombies and others. Jump out of the helicopter and run carefully. Fire away your weapon as soon as you see a zombie. Sometimes, they will hide underground. You can lure them with your brain and lure them out to shoot them right there. Jump over objects, collect coins and try to kill all zombies from your mystical land. You can use the money you earn to upgrade your jetpack and guns. Now, focus on your enemies and try to complete this journey by passing all 18 levels. Are you ready to start this exciting game?

How To Play

Use arrows and spacebar.

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