Super Pixel

Super Pixel

Super Pixel is an extremely cute game but no less thrilling and attractive. This is an extremely fun and challenging 2D side-scrolling pixel art style game. You will definitely like it if you have played games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Sonic. Your goal in this game is to help the Super Nerd character overcome obstacles on the way, run and jump from platform to platform to collect fruits. If you hit spikes or enemies, you will lose a life. Jump and land on enemies to defeat them. You must complete each level before time runs out. The game has 3 levels that will challenge you to defeat them. Of course, the difficulty will gradually increase with each level, but you must be smart enough to guide our main character to victory with the arrow keys. name. Show that you have skills, initiative and confidence! To be successful, you need to stay focused and create strategies that will get you there.

How To Play

  • Use left or right arrow keys to move. 
  • Use up arrow key to jump.
  • Use on-screen buttons to move and jump on touchscreen devices.

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