Mini Swim

Mini Swim

If you think being human is difficult, try making bubbles in Mini Swim for a day! The goal of the game is to collect all the coins scattered on the seabed, while avoiding the various dangers lurking around. Luckily for Swim, you can guide him through all the obstacles and traps, helping him reach his destination. As a bubble, Swim can swim without being affected by gravity. Use Swim's weightlessness to cling to the top of the cave and avoid the swarms of oncoming jellyfish. You can also escape spikes and other traps using the same skill. Don't forget to observe the enemy's movement patterns and plot a path for your little friend. Wait for the right time to act. Pass levels to more complex challenges and take your reflexes to the next level with this fun game! Are you ready to start this exciting game?

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move

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