Welcome to Katkoot, a platform game featuring adorable little chickens. The game looks very simple but when you start playing you will see that it is not simple at all. You need to get the chick over the thorny fence to continue to the next level. In the next levels, you will see more obstacles appear. You have to overcome spikes and cannons. Coming here requires your skills to be upgraded. Collect all the keys and stars along the way to complete the game's requirements. If you can't find a way to move, activate help in the corner of the screen. You will face 20 different levels. In this platform, unique obstacles appear in the form of extremely easy or extremely difficult puzzles. Or maybe there are puzzles along the route that you have to solve and overcome. You are about to embark on a dangerous and difficult journey of discovery. What will you do to overcome them? Let's try this interesting game!

How To Play

  • Move - Use left, right arrows/A,D
  • Jump - W, Z, N/Up arrow
  • Fall - S or Down Arrow

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