Zombie Mission X

Zombie Mission X

Welcome to Zombie Mission X where you will start an adventurous adventure in a zombie-infested city. The goal of the game is to help survivors escape the zombie-infested town. There are many obstacles in your way, including zombies, snipers, and traps. Get ready to experience tons of surprises as you jump, collect food and do your best to survive dangerous zombies and rescue kidnapped friends. Try to reach the last igloo and continue to experience other exciting levels. The game also features a unique cooperative multiplayer mode where players compete for survival. You can play as one of two characters; the player controls the gun or the player controls the character's movements and speech. Both characters have their own strengths and weaknesses, which will determine the success of the mission. Are you ready to start this exciting game?

How To Play

  • Using Mouse
  • Move Left: Arrow Left
  • Move Right: Arrow Right
  • Move Forward: Arrow Up
  • Move Back: Arrow Down
  • Spacebar to jump

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