Enter the bone-chilling emotional world of Prisonela, an extraordinary foray into pixel gaming that will have you wobbling in your gaming chair. In this game your goal is to find your way out of the maze-like cell blocks and creepy catacombs below the prison, trapping monsters along the way. Always be alert and avoid falling into the traps set by those pesky beasts. There are several guards patrolling the hallway. They won't let you leave that easily! Luckily for you, there are many objects scattered around that can help you avoid them and escape more easily. Don't forget to collect keys to unlock useful perks that will aid you in your daring journey to freedom. This is not a simple escape, it is a brutal duel where failure is not an option - it is a death sentence. Feel your heart pounding in your chest as you make your way through the endless chaos of hardcore platforming, dodging monsters lurking in the shadows and fighting against opponents who will do anything. what. Let's learn about this interesting game.

How To Play

  • W-Jump
  • A- Go left
  • D-Go right

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