Banana Duck

Banana Duck

Welcome to the exciting adventure journey in Banana Duck. Your goal in this game is to help the pixel duck overcome obstacles on the way to get fresh bananas. The special thing in this game is that the life of the pixel duck is unlimited, no matter how many times you collide with obstacles, it can still continue the game. However, you are forced to return to the starting point of the levels. In this adventure, you will have to use your ingenuity and abilities to help your character complete the levels. Don't forget you have to collect keys to unlock the next rounds. And the keys are placed in dangerous locations. So you have to be careful when trying to collect it. With Banana Duck, you will experience the sweet taste of chasing bananas and staying away from all the evil vegetables and saw blades there for absolutely no reason. If you are someone who likes to explore and experience new things, don't miss this interesting game.

How To Play

WASD/arrow keys = move

Z/space = jump

P/ESC = pause

R = reboot

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Have fun!

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