Battboy Adventure 2

Battboy Adventure 2

Become the hero Battboy and protect the city in Battboy Adventure 2, this is an exciting and dangerous adventure game! When night falls, the whole city falls into a peaceful sleep, but one thing is certain: crime never rests! As the hero of the city, it is your responsibility to make sure that no evil criminals are lurking in the city. You will help Battboy overcome 8 action-packed levels filled with obstacles and enemies on his journey to protect the city! Defeat all the villains, this earns you extra points, and of course, if you let them attack you and they defeat you, you will also lose. In this game, the player has access to different weapons and tools to aid them in their adventure. Battboy Adventure 2 is an engaging game that offers you an exciting and fun adventure. Full of challenges and you will not be able to leave because of the charm of this game. Put on your outfit, bring your device and start this exciting adventure now!

How To Play

Use W, A, D, K, and J

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