Drac & Franc

Drac & Franc

Enter the dark world of Drac & Franc, an enchanting adventure game with the perfect blend of Halloween atmosphere. You will help Dracula and Frankenstein reach the exit door in each level. Be careful. Be careful of spikes and other traps and obstacles in your path, and make sure to work together to overcome them, such as when you need to jump on each other to get to a higher spot, like a team usually does. And while passing the levels you will also have unique items to collect - without them it is impossible to enter the exit of the maze. Each time the difficulty of the level increases, you'll have to use logic and precision in your moves. In short, if you're craving an engaging twist on the classic platformer genre or are looking for a themed adventure Halloween brings chills and thrills; then Drac & Franc is a game you don't want to miss!

How To Play

  • A S D = Move Drac
  • ← → ↑ ↓ = Move Franc
  • R = Restart Level

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