Super Ninja Plumber

Super Ninja Plumber

Open your eyes to a colorful pixelated world and recreate the addictive adventures in Super Ninja Plumber. Jump over cliffs, run across platforms, face various monsters and collect all the gold to build your legacy! Explore all the levels this journey offers players and see where this path leads you! Don't let goals scare you, enter this world and you will grasp it in no time! You can collect coins and items throughout the game by headbutting these bricks. Collect mushrooms to increase size and gain extra lives. These boosters can also grant you a new type of attack power that allows you to take down your enemies from a higher range. This dynamic, action-packed game features a formidable rock boss at the end of each level. Captivating pixel art graphics harmoniously complimented by a classic soundtrack will make your adventure even more thrilling. Let's see what you brought home after each round.

How To Play

  • Run and duck: Arrow keys or ADS.
  • Jumping: Spacebar or Z or K.
  • Shoot: X or L
  • Use ladders: Arrow keys up and down

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