Among and meteors

Among and meteors

Enter the alien world of Among and Meteors, in this version you will travel the galaxy on your ship in search of habitable planets. In it you have to play the role of an Impostor, who will have to dodge meteors. And our hero needs to survive under the fall of meteorites and you in the game Among and Meteors will help him with this. Meteors will fall into the sky at different speeds. You will control the character by making him run around the location and dodge them. Remember that if at least one of the meteors touches Among As, then he will die and you will not pass the level in the game Among and Meteors. In each level, you will be tasked with collecting four different items. It will be necessary to use the meteorite as a key to open the entrance to the cage. Of course, getting hit by a space rock means losing, but you can always start over, focus more, and aim to beat your previous high score. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse

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