Foxy Land

Foxy Land

Get ready for a huge and thrilling new adventure with Foxy Land. The evil duke and his brother Jax attacked the house and kidnapped the little foxes. Foxy and Jenny cannot sit still and will have to explore the island to find their children and stop the Wolfie brothers from carrying out their evil plans. Your goal is to collect as many coins and cherries as possible before facing off against the Wolfie brothers in the game's climactic showdown. You will find yourself mesmerized by the game's outstanding pixel game style graphics. Each level is a joy to get through thanks to bright colors and a nostalgic pixel design that recalls the golden days of classic gaming. Prepare to embark on an exciting, retro-style journey in Foxy Land. An irresistible blend of modern gaming appeal and classic arcade aesthetics, the game promises to immerse you in a classic video game world.

How To Play

You can navigate by pressing A and D, jump with the W key, and double jump by pressing twice.

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