Metaverse Dash Run

Metaverse Dash Run

Metaverse Dash Run is an extremely interesting game where you will enter a virtual world where special things are waiting for you. In this game you will be chased by a purple gorilla and you have to jump over traps, obstacles, holes on the way so if you fall into or bump into them you will slip and die, or If you get stuck, the gorilla will catch you from behind, in which case you will lose and have to start over. Mastering timing is important in Metaverse Dash Run. Avoid unnecessary jumps or slides that can slow you down. Look out for the glowing power-ups and make sure you get them - they give you useful powers like: increased speed or invincibility. Don't forget the goal is not only to avoid the gorillas but also to accumulate as much meta money as possible! The game also has great humor with fun animations and sound effects. If you are looking for a fun and challenging endless running game to play, then Metaverse Dash Run is a great choice that you cannot miss.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to control the character.

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