Super Billy Boy

Super Billy Boy

If you're a fan of the platformer genre, Super Billy Boy Game is the perfect adventure for you. Super Billy Boy and his friends decide to explore an unknown planet, but during the expedition, his friend Adduk is kidnapped by an Alien Robot. Observe the environment carefully, destroy Robots, jump and collect coins along the way to help your character gain even more power. You can also shoot fireballs to protect your life and reach the final level ready to face your greatest opponent in an awesome close combat. Survive your worst nightmare and reach the spaceship that will take you home safely. Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Explore an unknown planet with Super Billy Boy and rescue all your friends who have been kidnapped by a dangerous enemy ready to do anything to hurt you.

How To Play

  • Move = AD or left and right arrow keys.
  • Jump or fly = W or up arrow key.
  • Shoot = X or J.

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