Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart

The world is never the same after the release of Super Mario Kart, and you can experience this classic game anytime you want! As the beginning of the Mario Kart series, it is a gripping racing game full of funny moments and tight maneuvering. Choose one of the eight characters and begin your race right away!

Super Mario Kart offers hours of fun with the iconic characters from the Mario games, including both the heroes and enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom! During the race, players may come across mystery boxes, which give them random items to gain an advantage during the race. If you get lucky, you can have the red shell with no chance to miss a hit! Each character has different strong points and weaknesses, leaving you to discover them all!

How To Play

  • Steer the kart with the arrow keys.
  • Choose with the Z key.
  • Use items with the X key.

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