Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World

Super Oliver World is an arcade platform game inspired by the famous Super Mario Bros, where you must help brave Oliver escape the dangers of a strange and mysterious world full of traps and lots of enemies. In this platformer adventure game, you have 15 levels. Each level's platform is full of different obstacles. With intuitive controls that allow players to move with the arrow keys and jump with the up arrow key, Super Oliver World is easy to play but challenging enough to keep players hooked for hours. And don't forget to collect coins and power-ups to help Little Oliver escape the dangers of a parallel world full of traps and dangerous enemies. Accompany Oliver on this exciting adventure and have fun with him in Super Oliver World! An unusual experience from the world of classic video games, so prepare yourself for a long trip!

How To Play

  • Left key or arrow = move left
  • D or right arrow key = move right
  • Arrow keys W or Z or up = jump
  • X or J = shot

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