Super Steve World

Super Steve World

Super Steve World is an extremely interesting new version inspired by the legendary Mario game. In this game, you will control Steve and your goal is to reach the end of the level and collect the only diamond in that level. By collecting hearts and potions, you'll effectively give Steve more power - allowing you to absorb more hits before losing a life. If you activate a potion, Steve will gain the ability to throw small embers and fireballs that eliminate enemies on hit, fly high into the sky, and more. depending on the color of the potion used. By collecting precious stars along the way, you will be able to unlock new content. Collect coins and you will be able to increase your precious life points, which will be extremely useful when facing Faced with deadly crevasses and treacherous terrain. If you like the ancient style, don't miss this game!

How To Play

  • ← → ↑ ↓ = Move
  • Z = Jump
  • X = Use Special

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