Archer Hero Adventure

Archer Hero Adventure

Go on a thrilling adventure with the masked hero in Archer Hero Adventure. The masked hero breaks into the island of green warriors as a companion. You must help him cross the valley of monsters, where many traps and challenges await him. Use arrows to attack all opponents you meet along the way. If you are hit, you will lose your life. You only have three lives. Running out of lives will mean the end of the game. So you should destroy your opponents before they do it to you. Don't forget to collect as many coins as possible and three stars. Run to the finish line to advance to the next level. In this game, you need to explore three worlds including The Green Island, The Temple and The Desert. Each world has 10 levels. Try your best to complete 30 levels and become the strongest archer. The game promises to bring you the most wonderful moments.

How To Play

  • Move left A
  • Move right D
  • Attack K
  • Jump W

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