Mike & Munk

Mike & Munk

Welcome to the world of Mike & Munk, an arcade-style adventure game that combines quick thinking with seamless co-op gameplay. You will play as a brave boy named Mike and his sidekick Munk, as they traverse treacherous terrain and evade enemies to find a way out. Embark on a thrilling adventure as you guide them through the treacherous depths of an abandoned mine. You will solve unique puzzles, activate levers, open hidden vault doors and overcome dangerous death traps through 30 levels of the most disturbing gameplay. With your strategic abilities and steadfast determination, you will be the one to hold the key to their liberation. Prepare yourself for a heart-stopping journey full of dangerous traps and formidable enemies. Are you ready to start this dramatic game?

How To Play

  • A,D to move
  • W to jump
  • X or J to turn the trap on or off

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