Firebug 2

Firebug 2

Welcome to the fiery world of Firebug 2 – an exciting game where the main character is a creature that emits fire - an unlucky bug. Everything Firebug touches burns! Watch your step, however, as Firebug will burn almost anything it passes through. So, sometimes you will have to jump on platforms that gradually turn into ash, light fireworks and switches, detonate bombs or pour water on the fire. Find a way to jump and run through the level and try to collect giant Jelly particles to get a high score. The unique mechanics involve you navigating through each level before the ground below completely turns to ash. During this exciting journey, collect Golden Beans to buy unique hats, outfits, and new tile sets. Try to get to the end of each level before the path burns out. What are you waiting for? Try this interesting game right away.

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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