Santa Run

Santa Run

The North Pole has been invaded by villains who want to ruin the wonderful Christmas holidays in Santa Run. Santa's mission is to deliver gifts amid the bright city lights, and you will help Santa rush through the streets, avoiding obstacles and rendezvous points to be able to get gifts on the way. You may encounter obstacles such as electricity poles, antennas or reindeer. There are also countless other obstacles waiting for you to explore and play. To quickly overcome obstacles, jump or crouch at the appropriate moment. Collecting items will not only raise your score but also give you temporary immunity or speed boosts. Don't forget that the pace of the game will increase over time, so always train your reflexes to keep up with the pace of the Santa Run Game! While going through dangerous journeys with Santa Claus on the road, don't forget to admire the extremely poetic beauty of these enchanting winter wonderlands. This intense action game offers an endless run in a Christmas setting, giving you non-stop entertainment and excitement.

How To Play

  • Use an arrow, spacebar or left mouse button to jump.
  • Use the down arrow to crouch.

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